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Archived Media Campaign: Public Awareness about Child Sexual Abuse

Our media campaign has been designed to illuminate the unfathomable prevalence and consequences of child abuse. The target audience is adults. Unlike other prevention campaigns, we believe that adults must be aware and held responsible to end child abuse. As part of the adult responsibility, we are committed to presenting this campaign in a responsible manner. Many months went into community preparedness prior to the launch. This work helps ensure community resources are in place to help adult survivors, child victims/family and concerned members of our community.

If you would like more information about our media campaign please contact our Media Department at media@d2l.org or call (843) 965-5444.

Darkness to Light's Commercials

Our archived media campaign includes five different commercials - you can view the Darkness to Light commercials here.

pregnant girl w/o pole


'Swing' candidly discusses that 50% of teen pregnancies, which cost the country over $7B a year, are the result of adult men having sex with underage girls. Again, our talented young actress was a volunteer. We thank her and her family for agreeing to help D2L bring the message to our community.



'School' openly explains the link between school shootings and children who have been abused. The fact is that 72% of the shootings in the past 2 years were committed by children who had been abused in their childhood. Seventy-two percent.

Darkness to Light's Billboards

swing with words

Useful Resources

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