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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



1. What's with all the ant talk?

If you were to walk into our office not knowing what we do, your first guess might by entomologists: insect scientists. Throughout the office we have ants of all shapes, sizes and colors decorating each and every corner. It's funny how we came to be ant enthusiasts, but at Darkness to Light we hold the ant in high esteem. Our Founder and CEO, Anne Lee, was watching television one night when she came across a program entitled "The Amazing Ant." Anne was fascinated by some of the things she learned. Firstly, ants only walk forward, never backwards; on top of that ants are constantly communicating with each other through pheromones. Even more incredible is the fact that ants will only ever carry one grain of dirt at a time, but if left to work ants can actually change an entire landscape. Anne realized that if we as citizens modeled ourselves after The Amazing Ant that we could make a huge difference one child at a time. At this she contacted Jeffrey Kennedy, a local artist whose work focused on ant sculptures, and our office has been rife with ants ever since.

2. What is the difference between an Instructor and a Facilitator?

An Instructor leads Facilitator Workshops, and essentially trains the trainers (Facilitators). To become an Instructor, you must have ample experience facilitating the Stewards of Children program, and be referred by another instructor or organization.

An Authorized Facilitator is an individual who has attended an 8-hour Facilitator Workshop and has been educated and equipped by Darkness to Light to effectively deliver the Stewards of Children program within a particular organization and the broader community. Facilitators have access to all of the Stewards of Children training tools, and are expected to dedicate time, energy, and courage to the prevention of child sexual abuse.

3. I want to become a Facilitator, what steps do I need to take to make that happen?

Contact Madeline Canfield at (843)965-5444 ext. 25, or email mcanfield@d2l.org.

For a list of scheduled Facilitator Workshops, please click here

4. I want to take the Stewards of Children Training, or have someone trained, what’s the best way to do that?

One simple way to take Stewards of Children is online! If you click on the posted link, just follow the steps and you will be on your way. http://www.darkness2light.org/prevention/stewards-of-children/onlinetraining.asp

If you want to take the training in person, we can try and help you set up a training in your area by one of our 1,800 US facilitators. Just call Madeline Canfield at (843)965-5444, ext 25.

5. Why do you focus your training on adults instead of kids?

We feel that adults are the ones equipped, both emotionally and intellectually, to really work to stop child sexual abuse. The safety of our children is the responsibility of adults and we have set up our organization with this in mind.

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