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Thursday, November 18th
Marion Square
Historic Downtown Charleston

We need your help! Darkness To Light needs to raise $30,000 in the next 30 days. Every dollar that you give will be matched! These funds are needed to provide scholarships to schools and youth-serving organizations that can not otherwise afford Darkness To Lights Stewards of Children training.

Join us in the
prevention of child sexual abuse! Our month long offering of free trainings runs throughout the month of August. Prevent-A-Thon raises awareness of the issue of child sexual abuse and provides Free prevention education and training to the tri-county public

Read About Prevent-A-Thon 2009 Click here to learn more!


If your organization is applying for the OJJDP FY 09 Recovery Act Local Youth Mentoring Initiative grant, Darkness to Light can help you meet the evidence-based sexual abuse training criteria.

Click here for more information!

A month long
event in Charleston, S.C. that raises awareness of the issue of child sexual abuse and provides FREE prevention education and training to the tri-county public.

Find a FREE Training in August Click here to learn more!

Our Mission; to empower people to prevent child sexual abuse

Our programs raise awareness of the prevalence and consequences of child sexual abuse by educating adults about the steps they can take to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child sexual abuse.

Join us for the 2010 Circle of Light Gala

It's our tenth birthday! Help us celebrate at the 2010 Circle of Light Gala. Join us on November 18, Marion Square Park in downtown Charleston, 6:30 p.m. for this spectacular event. To learn more or to purchase tickets, click here.

Online training available!
Darkness to Light's Stewards of Children
curriculum is a evidence-based adult-focused child sexual abuse prevention training program.

The training is available in two formats: instructor-led and online. Stewards of Children program is the only adult-focused child sexual abuse prevention program proven effective in increasing knowledge, improving attitudes and changing participant’s child-protective behaviors over the long term.

Learn how to protect children from sexual abuse and take the online training now!

Stewards of Children

Step Up & Speak Out - A Parent Guide for Selecting Youth Serving Organizations - Free Access

This guide teaches parents about their personal power and responsibility to protect children from sexual abuse. It also gives them specific direction to understand and improve the protection practices of programs that serve children.

View the Training | View the Brochure

Download the 7 Steps

Download the 7 Steps to Protecting our Children
Guiding responsible adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. You can download Darkness to Light's 7 Steps to Protecting our Children by right-clicking on the link below and choosing "Save Target As". You will need the free software Adobe Acrobat to view the file.

7 Steps

Looking at the world differently

By Ken Burger
The Post and Courier
Thursday, September 17, 2009
Can 10 people gathered in a small room on a Friday afternoon save a child from the nightmarish hell of living with the scars of sexual abuse?

Yes and no.

They might save more.

Someone taking the Darkness To Light training session may recognize a problem before it starts, scare a predator away with aggressive action or educate another parent about the warning signs. But the people in the room could touch 10 children's lives with this delicate and important information. Kevin Walsh is executive director of the St. Andrews Parish Parks and Playground, a place where thousands of kids and hundreds of volunteer coaches come to play games and grow into mature adults. A soft-spoken man, Walsh volunteers to teach these "Stewards of Children" seminars to teachers, coaches, volunteers, anybody with responsibility for our youth.

Why? Because he knows the reality. One in four girls will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. As will one in six boys.

Anne Lee started Darkness To Light here in the Lowcountry 10 years ago and has trained more than 19,000 teachers in South Carolina, and it has spread to 42 states and 10 countries. One class at a time.

To contact Darkness to Light, dial 843-965-5444 or visit their web site Each session takes more than two hours and changes your perspective about children and the people around them. Truth is, it makes you look at the world differently. You can't help it. It makes you realize how widespread the problem of abuse really is. And, more painfully, that society has passively accepted it, deliberately overlooked it. You grimace when you hear that 40 percent of victims are abused by family members. That 90 percent know their abusers. While we worry openly about the dirty old man in the park, we seldom discuss uncle Al.

Responsibility, courage

The answers to stopping this plague are responsibility and courage.

The Darkness To Light training session makes you acknowledge some uncomfortable realities. But it also deputizes each participant to become part of the solution.

By learning the facts. Could you spot an abuser?

By minimizing opportunity. Abusers groom their victims and their families before they act.

By talking about it. Kids don't know they can say no.

By staying alert. Learn how to spot signs of abuse.

By making a plan. Believe the child. Very few reported incidents are false.

By acting on suspicions. Trust your intuition. Ask questions.

By getting involved. This is a huge human challenge that can be impacted by collective power if you know what to do.

Sadly, child abuse is a generational curse. But it can be stopped if we shine a light on the problem and expose it. Abusers depend on our innocence. They hide in plain sight.

When this session was over, Kevin Walsh walked out into the warmth of the afternoon, hoping he'd made a difference.

He shouldn't have to wonder. No one in that room will ever look at the world the same way again. They simply can't.

Reach Ken Burger at kburger@postandcourier.com. To read more columns by Ken Burger, click here.

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1 866 367 5444

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