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Become a Stewards of Children Facilitator

Provide the Stewards of Children sexual abuse prevention program to your community---great for staff, volunteers, and parents!

Facilitator Overview

A facilitator is a representative whom organizations send to be trained on how to implement the Stewards of Children program. This facilitator may provide the training within a specific organization and/or in the broader community.

Facilitator training is offered to:
  • A representative of an organization either as an employee or a volunteer for that organization.
  • An independent individual who desires to be trained, however, has no sponsor organization.
  • Anyone interested in receiving continuing education credits (CEU’s).
    • Please note that someone interested solely in receiving CEUs is more than welcome to complete training; however, they will not become an authorized facilitator. As a result, they will receive training materials necessary for the training itself, but will not receive a briefcase start-up kit to begin implementation of the Stewards of Children curriculum.
While it is not necessary to have adult education/training experience or expertise in Child Sexual Abuse, it is recommended that a Facilitator have some experience in at least one of these areas.

What is Involved?

Facilitator Workshop: 1 day workshop – 8:30am to 5:30pm (Facilitators must attend the entire workshop) $350 per participant.
  • Topics covered:
    • Philosophy and purpose of the Stewards of Children curriculum
    • Intention and Action
    • Mastery of the Stewards of Children training tape and workbook
    • Expectations of Facilitators
    • Preparation for Facilitation
    • Basic Policies & Procedures
    • Compiling Community Resources
Authorized Facilitators will receive:
  • A Facilitator manual
  • A Stewards of Children workbook
  • A Stewards of Children training tape DVD
  • Child Protection Policies and Procedures information
  • Authorization to purchase workbooks for training
  • Training evaluation tools
  • Access to a Facilitator Resources password-protected area on the Darkness to Light website
  • On-going support from D2L professional staff

Registration Process

  • Register online. There is a Registration Deadline and a Late Registration Deadline.
  • Complete and submit registration packet, which includes:
    • Facilitator Application
    • Background Check Authorization
    • Contract agreement – Partner agreement or Independent agreement
      *Documents can be returned via fax (843.965.5449) or post mail.
  • Submit payment, if you have not already done so at registration.
  • ALL registration materials (including the 3 documents and payment) must be received before the registration deadline, or participants will be charged a late registration fee (15%)
  • Late Registrants will not receive all materials at the training, however, will receive all materials upon receipt of all registration documents and payment (shipped after the training).
It is encouraged that all of these documents, along with your payment, are submitted by the registration deadline. If we have not received your completed registration packet and/or your payment by the registration deadline, your registration will be incomplete, you will be charged the late registration fee, and you will not receive all of your training materials at the time of the training. Moreover, you will not become an authorized Facilitator until all of this has been received.

Upcoming Facilitator Workshops

Upcoming Stewards of Children facilitator workshops can be found at this link:.

To register online, click here

Locate an already trained Facilitator in your area to bring the Stewards of Children to your church, school, parent group, or other youth-serving organization.

Hosting an Authorized Facilitator Workshop

An organization may sponsor a Local/Regional Facilitator Workshop within their community: The host organization agrees to provide the following:
  • Minimum of 10 with a maximum limit of 25 participants at the cost of $350.00 per participant. (Registration through the D2L Website) An organization may choose an open workshop (participants pay for their own participation) or a closed workshop (the organization is paying for participants) or any combination. If the host agency is in need, D2L will help "advertise" the workshop.
  • Arrangements for the facility and A/V equipment (need to show a dvd/vhs video, need to show participants some areas on the website – need access to internet/computer) and coffee/juice/muffins & snacks for all participants during workshop.
  • Arrangements for parking for participants.
  • Travel expenses for Darkness to Light instructor which may include airfare/car rental & gas; up to 2 nights lodging, and "local" per diem food not otherwise covered.
  • Payment of shipping and handling costs for Workshop Materials/Facilitator Packages.
D2L will provide the following:
  • The Authorized Darkness to Light Instructor to conduct the Facilitator Workshop.
  • All Facilitator related training tools and support identified above for conducting the Stewards of Children Training.
  • Assistance in advertising the workshop through the D2l website and through contacts with youth serving organizations and agencies, if desired.

More Information

If you are interested in the Stewards of Children sexual prevention program for your organization email stewards@d2l.org or call (843) 965-5444 x25.

You may also fill out our information request form.

Email stewards@d2l.org,
call (843) 965-5444, or
click here.

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