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Stewards of Children Testimonials

What people have said about Stewards of Children:

Director of Educational Ministries, Presbyterian Church
"More and more I am convicted that it is our RESPONSE-ABILITY to protect our children! This training not only makes that clear, but is hopeful and motivating!"

Director of Prevention, Children's Advocacy Center
"The Stewards of Children video and workbook is not only a curriculum of well-researched child sexual abuse facts and information, but a process of consciousness raising. This program will bring about powerful child sexual abuse prevention efforts!"

Elementary School Teacher
"This was a well done presentation that brought statistics and ideas to light that covered basic information about what constitutes sexual abuse and steps we may be able to take to recognize or prevent it."

"I found it informative and enlightening. I especially like the move toward making parents more accountable in seeking information or evidence of abuse."

"I feel a sense of urgency with regard to the need for more awareness about CSA. Just when I think that I live in a society that is sophisticated and enlightened, an issue like this comes along. I am surprised at the slow reaction of businesses, insurance companies, and non-profits. This training is revolutionary! Everyone needs access to it!"

Community Volunteer
"It was an eye opening experience into an area that as a community, we would like to believe doesn't happen. Knowing that the chances are great that we deal with people everyday that have been or are being abused and to know that if I can help only one person then the course is well worth any time spent doing it."

More Information

If you are interested in the Stewards of Children sexual prevention program for your organization email stewards@d2l.org or call (843) 965-5444 x25.

You may also fill out our information request form.

Email stewards@d2l.org,
call (843) 965-5444, or
click here.

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