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  • Child sexual abuse is a complex problem, this training is meant to empower you and give you proactive strategies for addressing the issue. It does not provide a fail-proof method of identifying perpetrators.
  • The information we provide is not meant to replace the advice of professionals in your community. It is not intended as a therapeutic tool and it alone does not address all policy considerations for an organization.
  • The pictures that appear in this training are for illustrative purposes only.


What will I learn in the Stewards of Children course?
  • You will learn basic facts about the problem of child sexual abuse.
  • You will learn about the importance of paying attention to the potential for sexual abuse.
  • You will learn about situations in which child sexual abuse might occur.
  • You will learn about the signs of sexual abuse so that you might intervene if it has occurred.
  • You will learn simple, effective strategies for protecting children from sexual abuse.
  • You will learn about the importance of talking about the prevention of sexual abuse with children and other adults.
  • You will learn what to do if you suspect that child sexual abuse has occurred and about feeling empowered to address the problem.
How long does it take to complete the Stewards of Children course?
  • Approximately 2 TO 3 hours.
How long do I have to complete the course?
  • Upon enrolling, you will have 15 days to complete the training.
  • If you do not complete the training within 15 days, you will need to re-enroll and pay an additional fee.
Once I start, do I have to finish the course all at one time or will I be able to come and go at my convenience?
  • The course bookmarks your progress; that is, when you exit the course, it keeps track of where you left off..
What is the sequence of the course?
  • The first time through the course, you will be required to progress through the chapter topics in the order they appear, because the concepts build upon each other.
  • Additionally, you should not advance to the next screen until the video/audio has finished and/or any screen activity has been completed.
  • Once the course has been completed, you will be able to explore the chapters in any order.
  • After you have completed the course, you will have the option of practicing what you have learned through some practice scenarios..
What will I receive once I complete the course?
  • You will receive a course completion certificate after you have completed all sections of the course and the Exit Test.
What special learning tools are included in the course?

Personal Prevention Plan
  • This course offers you a Personal Prevention Plan in which you answer questions relating to a particular topic. You will be asked to print this document during the course, then answer the questions. Also included in the personal prevention plan is an area for your personal notes. We encourage you to use the notes area to record your feelings and thoughts about the material.
Question and Answers Section
  • The Question and Answer, or Q&A, section provides you with a list of frequently asked questions regarding child sexual abuse. Upon selecting a question, you will be automatically taken to its answer.
Community Resources and Scenarios
  • After completing the course, you are provided two additional features: Community Resources and Scenarios.
  • The Community Resources section plays an integral role in supporting you as you process the information about sexual abuse that you will receive. The list of resources includes information on how to find:
    • Agencies and professionals who respond to reports of sexual abuse
    • Mental health, medical, and legal professionals who provide services for individuals and families dealing with issues of sexual abuse
    • Support groups for those dealing with issues of sexual abuse
    • State laws and legal requirements for reporting child abuse
  • The Scenarios section gives you the opportunity to practice your knowledge about preventing child sexual abuse by answering questions based on real-life scenarios, e.g., you will be asked what you would do in a particular situation where there is a risk of child sexual abuse.
If you have personal concerns that arise during the course, please call our Helpline at 1-866-FOR-LIGHT. You will be routed to resources in your area code.

If you have technical problems with the course, please email Support@D2L.org
or call our Technical Support line at (843) 513-1587

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